Regular Puja Package (नियमित पूजा प्याकेज)



Comes in a package of 12" x 5" box.
Items included are:

Aapa, Chaap, Pipal ko paat 4 Pcs Each
Abir 1 Pkt
Akshataa 2.1 Oz
Astha Sugandha 0.3 Oz
Bateko Batti 2 Roll
Bateko Dhoop 2 Roll
Bota 7 Pcs
Chandan 0.3 Oz
Dubo  (Seasonal) 0.2 Oz
Jaau 0.26 Oz
Kapoor 1 Pkt
Kesari 1 Pkt
Koosh 1 Oz
Kusum Phool 0.2 Oz
Labha 0.2 Oz
Nariwal 1 Pc
Pancha Pallabh 1 Pc
Pooja masala 0.5 Oz
Rato, Pahelo, Seto Wastra
1/2 Meter Each
Rayo, Sarsiyou 3 oz
Sindoor 2.7 Oz
Supaari 10 Pcs
Tapari 10 Pcs
Til 1.2 Oz
Tulasi Patra 0.2 Oz


Extra Items

Abir 4 oz
Keshari 4 oz

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